Are you spending a lot of money remodeling, adding on to, or conducting remediation repairs to your home or business? How do you know if the quality is acceptable or not? Are you relying on the building contractor to oversee their own work? Third party oversight and consultation by a professional inspector qualified in building construction can ensure that works in progress are conducted in the manner and quality needed for your peace of mind.

Contact GenCorp Services today for more information on third party oversight and consultation for your residential or commercial construction, renovation, or repair project. Our experienced professionals are trained and certified to help make sure the job is done right! Give us a call—we’re happy to help!

Our professionals are experts in the remediation and abatement of health and safety hazards of all kinds—including environmental pollutants and contaminants, industrial waste products, asbestos, lead, lead-based paint hazards, mold, and black mold. With our experience and expertise, we can provide valuable third party oversight and consultation for your renovation or construction project. We will work promptly to manage any situation that comes up. You can rely on us to make sure that all public health and safety standards are met. With our professional oversight, you can rest assured that your home or business is protected and that your family or employees are safe from contaminants, irritants, toxins, and pollutants of all kinds.

At GenCorp Services, we can also provide professional building inspections to ensure all projects meet the proper codes and building standards required by the state. For more information, visit our building inspections page.

If you have any questions about our third party oversight and consultation services, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 314-739-1155 or email We’d love to learn about how we can help with your project!